oak grey flooring

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Our beautiful Anchor Grey Oak floors feature a blend of sterling and putty greys with a textured surface, pressed bevel edges and a medium gloss finish. Grey floors can create the perfect backdrop for bolder, brighter colors or a rich complement to lighter neutrals. This exquisite floor features the exclusive WetProtect technology combining a perfectly natural wood look with lifetime waterproof protection against spills, splashes — even pet accidents. Like all heartwud floors, these floors are indistinguishable from real hardwood. Every characteristic that makes a piece of wood unique is replicated by our exclusive  technology. Our printing process reproduces the unique characteristics of wood with astonishing clarity. Deep embossed textures give knots, graining and other character marks real-life depth. Authentic edge treatments look indistinguishable from the edges of real hardwood planks. And for a truly authentic look, we provide up to 2x more unique plank designs as ordinary laminate floors.

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